Hi Everyone, I am trying to write blog may be i do some spelling and grammatically mistakes, so please ignore them and just feel what i want to say.

I am from Almora, Its around 90km far from Haldwani, Uttarakhand. That time i just started offline taxi booking service i have an Innova at that time. I got a booking from Delhi railway station to Haldwani. A sweet bengali family who booked my taxi. They are very friendly i asked them about Kolkata and other bengali city(i love to travel). Then i asked, are you guys going to Nainital?, Mostly tourist visit Nainital. They answer no we are going to Mayawati Ashram. Actually that time i don’t know about that Ashram. So i asked them where it is. After my answer the whole family is in shock. Then uncle asked me beta tum “Uttarakhad Se Hi Ho Na” . I nodded my head. Then uncle so you really don’t about Mayawati Ashram. Then they explain me everything and i had curiosity to visit there. After that they told me they booked cab from Haldwani for Mayawati Ashram. And after 5hrs journey we reached haldwani. I told that family call your taxi driver which you have booked for Mayawati Ashram. Then uncle call them and that driver/travel agency ask for extra money. And i saw that uncle is in tension then i asked them what happen uncle they told me the story. Uncle asked me if you have not any booking can you come with us, I said neki or puch puch.

Then we started our journey towards Mayawati ashram from Haldwani. And that place is really amazing. You should have to visit there once.

That was my first booking from Delhi to Mayawati Ashram. And that is in my initial days. I still touch within that sweet Rajdeep Uncle’s family,

Sorry for the mistakes. If i do mistakes and you can correct then please whatsapp me on given number in our website. I really appreciate if you find my mistakes and whatsapp me, that help to improve my English writing,

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